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- Glass cockpit revolution in Aircraft industry has compelled for higher study about Avionics, Falcon Institute of AME is making it easy to its students is highly appreciative.


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Expansion in aviation sector ;Boom in  aviation field would Increase demand for qualified  aircraft maintenance engineers

- CHAUDHARY AJIT SINGH-Aviation Minister

About Civil Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering PDF Print E-mail


The aviation industry has 2 main branches – the flying branch & the engineering branch. We are all aware of the pilots who fly the aircraft. But we are not aware of the maintenance part of the aircraft & how it is done.

As there are flying academies / clubs to train pilots, All over the country which are approved by Director General of Civil Aviation Government of India, similarly there are many approved institutes to conduct the course of Aircraft maintenance engineering.

As a pilot needs to obtain the license to fly the aircraft; similarly an Aircraft Engineer needs to obtain a license to maintain the aircraft .

As a recognized college teaches the approved syllabus of the university & after completion of the course conducts internal examination, on the basis of which the forms for final exam is forwarded to the university from the college, similarly these institutes teach the syllabus approved by the director general of civil aviation.

After the completion of the course & passing in the internal examination, candidates fill the forms for the license examination and the forms are forwarded to the Director General of Civil Aviation which conducts examination and after passing the examination license is issued to the engineers as well as to the pilots. Before an aircraft flies it has to be checked by an Aircraft maintenance engineer & certified as fit for flying. If such an certificate is not given the Aircraft cannot fly. Safety is given very high priority in the aviation sector. An aircraft maintenance engineer therefore has to take the responsibility for the safety of the Aircraft.


“As per information, in the Air India, Indian Airlines & Pawan Hans Ltd. & other private Airlines, engineers are getting. Starting gross salary of Rs. 40,000/-

which goes upto Rs. 2.25 Lakh per month. No other field or profession in the country is paying at par with it. Besides this they enjoy better placements in metros & other major cities, better social status & ……… like free air travel etc.”

These engineers are also getting much better carrier opportunities abroad. Recently, government has made policy, which will ease out private aircraft owner’s to use their aircraft for air taxi operation.

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (A.M.E.) ?

AME course is a license course prescribed by director general of civil aviation, govt. of India concern with maintenance & Repair of Aircraft & their components following the approved maintenance practices.

This AME license course is run by D.G.C.A (Govt. of India) through approved Institutes only which follows the I.C.A.O. type 11 standard, The syllabus of this license course is revised by the D.G.C.A. from time to time to maintain the international training standard. This is a 3 year course of 6 semesters. First 5 semester are equally divided into theory & practical classes & sixth semester is a specific type practical only.

Privileges & Authority of A.M.E.

Aircraft maintenance engineers are the only engineers of aircraft who certify & issue the airworthiness certificate of its fitness for flying without the certificate aircraft will not be permitted to fly. Hence AME’s are the main person & certifying authority in aviation sector / airlines industry.

Without AME’s certificate none aircraft can fly, that is clearly mentioned in the Indian Aircraft rules that only an AME can maintain & certify the civil aircraft.

Welcome to the Falcon Institute Of AME- Lucknow | India PDF Print E-mail

Falcon Institute Of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a Lucknow Based Technical Institute Imparting Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses In Electrical System (ES), Instrumental System(IS) and Radio Navigation (RN),which is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, (Govt. of India) for Three Years course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Lucknow Center. Training is based as per the DGCA prescribed syllabus. The training programme for the course designed is specifically to meet the needs for employment & professional advancement in dynamic & rapidly growing field of Aviation.

FIAME provides a platform for those hard working and sincere students to reach their goals in their respective fields.At FIAME We make sure that the successful students are placed extremely well in India and abroad and parallaly  contribute  the nation to build up quality technical man power in the field of Aviation Sector.

FALCON Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering  is distinguished institute committed to the education and personal enrichment of each student interested in the Aviation Industry. Students can succeed in our collegiate environment when properly motivated and taught to set goals in furthering their education. All aspects of our mechanic school are enriched with creating an atmosphere conducive to learning, while instilling a high degree of business ethics and professionalism. This facilitates the easy transition from a student to a professional career in aircraft maintenance. Each aviation program offered is specifically designed to qualify graduates for a career position in aircraft Maintenace and its allied fields.

Through the Falcon Institute of Aircraft  Maintenance Engineering DGCA ( govt of India-approved programs, you'll learn about aviation servicing, aircraft maintenance, avionics and repairing today's aircraft; from small prop airplanes to the largest aircraft. The aviation mechanic field offers a broad range of job opportunities in cities of all sizes throughout the world.


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It gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction to introduce Falcon Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, to the potential aspirants of a Lucknow based aviation Training Institute, which has been recognized and Approved by Director General Of Civil Aviation (D.G.C.A. ) Govt .Of India, Ministry of civil aviation to impart theoretical & practical training of Aircraft maintenance Engineers

The academy is dedicated to serve the nation through its consistent effort in turning a raw bunch of 12th standard science student into a qualified proficient professional in the field of civil aviation.

It is our consistent Endeavour to produce the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineers matching the International standards of quality, by exposing them to latest Aircraft Technologies, via sophisticatedly equipped laboratories and other aviation oriented advance infrastructure of our institute.

The motto of and mission of the institute is to “Excel with quality colors in civil aviation”.

The Exposure of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to multi faceted development is facilitated by the best service of extremely motivated highly experienced and elite pool of instructors, who are here in falcon AME with just one aim that is to deliver best of their knowledge and impart the Second to none training and are available for supervision and due assistance 24*7 to the budding Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of this prestigious Institute.

Dear Candidates, in our country there are total of 70 Aeronautical Institutions which impart training for AME. I m extremely proud to inform that FIAME is one of the best and leading institute to cater for the quality education and training in the civil aviation sector.

I extend my warm greetings to all AME students in welcoming them to become a part of an Institute which strive to develop the force of AME who would perfectly fit into the demanding and challenging environment of national and international standards.

With best Wishes and good Luck


RK yadav


FIAME | Lucknow| India


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